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SB 1 Overview

Our state lacks adequate funding to address these critical deficiencies: Local streets and roads face an estimated shortfall of $73 billion in deferred maintenance CalTrans faces a $59 billion backlog in deferred maintenance

SB 1 will provide:


New revenues for transportation.

SB 1 is a long-term transportation reform and funding package that contains new revenues to make road safety improvements, fill potholes and repair local streets, highways, bridges and overpasses. The bill would raise at least $5 billion when fully phased in, which is what is needed to make a dent in the maintenance backlog. The new maintenance revenues will be split equally between state and local roads.



Strong Accountability Provisions.

SB 1 includes provisions to streamline projects by cutting bureaucratic redundancies and red tape to ensure transportation funds are spent efficiently and effectively. It gives more independence to the California Transportation Commission and establishes the independent office of Transportation Inspector General to perform audits, improve efficiency and increase transparency.


SB1 will be coupled with strong constitutional protections.

The FOR coalition supports a constitutional amendment which prevents the state Legislature from using any new revenues for anything except road maintenance, improvement, and transportation projects. These new accountability requirements will move through the Legislature in conjunction with SB 1.