Ballot measure to repeal Senate Bill 1 will hurt California’s ability to benefit from President Trump’s proposed federal infrastructure package

February 12, 2018

For Immediate Release: February 12, 2018

SACRAMENTO — President Trump today announced his long-awaited federal infrastructure funding plan. As anticipated, the plan focuses heavily on the ability of states and local governments to provide substantial local funding to receive a share of federal funds.

Transportation advocates today blasted the ballot measure to repeal California’s landmark SB 1, which is being proposed by certain partisan politicians, as crippling to California’s ability to compete and receive federal infrastructure funding under the Trump plan.

The following statement can be attributed to Matt Cate, Executive Director of the California State Association of Counties:

“The state’s landmark transportation funding bill (SB 1) competitively positions California to receive its share of federal funds to ensure our transportation infrastructure is safe and modernized. The proposed repeal of SB 1 would not only rob our state and local governments of vitally needed state funding, but now we learn that it could also hamper our ability to receive federal funding. In light of the President’s proposal, the Republican politicians behind the repeal effort should drop their harmful ballot initiative, and work with us to ensure California gets its fair share of transportation funding.”

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