Statement From The Fix Our Roads Coalition About The Special Session On Transportation

Nov. 18, 2016
Sacramento — Thursday afternoon, members of the Fix Our Roads Coalition received indication that the special session vote on a transportation funding and reform package is in jeopardy.

We understand that a final bill must be in print by November 25th in order for legislation to be considered this year. Absent extraordinary efforts and strong leadership, our Coalition believes that the transportation fiscal crisis will not be addressed by this Legislature.

This issue is not going away and the situation is only going to get worse. With California’s roads crumbling, its bridges failing, and its transit and rail systems broken, the Fix Our Roads Coalition urges the Legislature to redouble its efforts and not give up until the goals of the special session have been met. The safety, welfare and livelihood of millions of Californians hang in the balance, and the next seven working days will decide our state’s future.